natural angus beef

Monadnock Ranch is a family-owned and operated Black Angus cattle operation located in the Midlands of South Carolina.  This first generation farm got its start in 1981 with the purchase of our first commercial cattle. Since, it has evolved into a progressive seedstock operation that strives to produce cattle that will be well-adapted and excel in performance and reproduction in our Southeastern climate.

Through the use of Ohlde sires such as Emblazon and Missing link and the timed-test Emulation sires, EXT and Right Time, we are developing a cowherd that is predictable and practical.  Sires can’t do it alone, though. You have to have the cow power as well and we have added daughters out of some of the very best cows the Angus breed has to offer to add to our genetic base.  Cow families such the Anitas, Barbaramere Jets, Blackbirds, Blackcaps, Burgesses, Evergreens, Forever Ladies, Pleasant Pills, and Ritas are all represented.  Check out our Donor page for more details.

Visitors are always welcome at Monadnock Ranch. We would rather look at cattle than just about anything!