natural angus beef

Hello friends, 

We hope you all are having a great fall! We are well pleased with the rain over the past several weeks and looking forward to successful calving season. It’s a special time of year as we get to see our genetics and planned matings turn out.

As a reminder, we have a strong set of replacement females available for sale at the farm. They are the results of nearly 15 years of dedication to making a quality cow herd. We hand feed them with commodity blend which results in proper development and excellent temperaments. Any of these heifers would make nice additions to the best of herds. We also have some group discounts available as well. 

Some of the highlights include genetics from: 

•SAV Elba 1094
•OCC Juanada 710k
•OCC Revolution Rose 813U

Select 2-year-old registered angus bulls - $3500up
Yearling registered angus bulls - $2000up






As always, females and embryos are available private treaty year round.