natural angus beef

O C C Revolution Rose 813U
Paxton x 743K
Owned with Upchurch Angus – Lineville, AL
From the powerful Revolution Rose cow family, 813U carries on the tradition in a fancy way. She is our oldest O C C Paxton daughter and she exhibits all the femininity and broodiness that he is known for passing on to his offspring. ET calves on the ground by O C C Missing Link and Sitz Alliance 6595.

ZWT Blackcap 1508
Jetset x 753L
Owned with Upchurch Angus – Lineville, AL
Whitworth Farms – Madison, AL

1508 was our pick of the 2013 ZWT offering. 1508 is a daughter of the 753L cow that is the dam of Bodybuilder, Standout, and Outer Limits. 1508 very deep sided, big stifled, and excellent footed. 1508 is will be the headlining donor for us!

Sinclair K BTY 6X33 A3
EXT x A3
Owned with Upchurch Angus – Lineville, AL
This cow earned a weaning ratio of 101 in the Sinclair Cattle Company Program. 6X33 is from the famous Kinochtry Beauty Cow family. This cow is a deep sided angular female that has excellent production behind her. She is an own daughter of the "A3" cow that produced so many "Great Cows" at Sinclair Cattle.

Chloe Creek Juanada 8868
Emblazon x 710K
Owned with Upchurch Angus – Lineville, AL
710 K - Dam
8868 has done everything we purchased her for and more. She's a 4-year old now, nursing her third calf and has developed into a real cow. Her oldest ET offspring by EXT are long yearlings now and have exceeded all expectations. They're long, square-hipped, and classy. We are using one to clean-up heifers with this Spring. This was a planned mating that we are confident will leave a lasting contribution to our herd.

Akers Blackbird 9597
Missing Link x 736K 
Owned with Upchurch Angus – Lineville, AL
736 K - Dam O C C Paxton
maternal sister
A maternal sister to O C C Paxton, this Missing Link 3-year old combines the best of the OCC sires! Her ET babies by O C C Eureka are some of the heaviest-muscled calves ever born at the Ranch. A brother by BC Lookout was the recent Lot 1 and $27,000 feature of the 2011 Limestone, LLC Bull Sale going to group headed by Select Sires.